Administrative Committees


Each year administrative advisory and consultation groups are asked to participate in and facilitate the work of different administrators. The input of the members is important in the life of the College. Committees are advisory, not legislative.

Unless otherwise noted, the term of service is one year, meetings are held at the call of the convener, and the President appoints all members to the committees upon recommendation of the appropriate Vice President or Dean who receives recommendations from the respective conveners.

1. Rhodes Planning Cooperative (RPC)

Two administrators: the Director of the Physical Plant and the Comptroller; five students: Chair of Campus Green, Chair of Friends of VECA, and the ACS intern; two staff members: the Assistant Superintendent of Housekeeping, and an open position to be filled from the Building and Grounds division; three members of the Faculty: the ACS Fellow, and the past ACS Fellow, and one member of the Faculty recruited by the RPC; two alumni or trustee members recruited by the RPC. Representatives serve terms of two years, renewable at the discretion of each group represented. A chair is elected by RPC committee members and serves for a two-year term.


  1. Create and maintain a cross-campus collaborative of students, faculty, staff, and administrators for the purpose of developing a practicing perspective of environmental stewardship at the College;

  2. Aid in institutionalizing sustainable practices throughout every aspect of college functioning, i.e., energy production, reduction and consumption, academic curriculum, purchasing, waste reduction and disposal, building and road construction, landscaping, vehicle purchasing and maintenance, and technology;

  3. Liaison and coordination with the Vollintine Evergreen Community Association on campus and community projects involving matters of sustainability and environmental stewardship. Reports of RPC business and annual summary reports are sent to the Dean of the Faculty, Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs, Dean of Students, and the Vice President for Information Services.

Expected Involvement.
Meetings are scheduled biweekly during the academic year, and as needed during the summer.

2. Fringe Benefits Advisory Committee

Convener (Director of Human Resources); ten employees of the College appointed by the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs.

To review fringe benefits and to provide consultation and advice to the Director of Human Resources regarding such policies and suggested revisions.

3. Traffic Appeals and Campus Safety Committee


Convener (appointed by the Director of Campus Safety or designee); three faculty members, three staff (one of whom is an office administrator); three students; ex officio: Director of Campus Safety or designee


  1. Hear and decide on appeals of parking/traffic citations and report the decision of the committee to the Bursar and the person making the appeal.
  2. Make recommendation to the Dean of Students and the Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs regarding parking and traffic regulation, via the Director of Campus Safety or designee.
  3. To promote understanding of the need for College-wide cooperation concerning parking and traffic.

4. Student Sexual Harassment and Assault Education Committee

Convener (Director of Counseling Services); two faculty (one man, one woman); two staff (one man, one woman); two students (one man, one woman).

To assist with the education and awareness of the Rhodes community regarding the Sexual Harassment and Assault Policy as well as advising the Counseling and Student Development Center on outreach programming.

Revised March 31, 2015.
Revised February 12, 2008.
Revised October 6, 2005.
Revised September 29, 2004.
Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs and
Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs.