Endowment Investment Policies


Statement of Investment Policy and Investment Objectives


This statement of investment policies and objectives is hereby set forth in order that:

  1. The Board of Trustees and the Subcommittee on Investments shall have clearly defined investment policies and objectives as set forth herein.
  2. Assets of the Rhodes College Endowment shall be invested most productively and should experience long-term growth. The primary investment objective of the College is to maximize the financial return over the long term within an acceptable level of risk.
  3. The Sub-Committee on Investments shall engage an Investment Advisory Firm (outsourced Chief Investment Officer) to manage College Endowment Assets and shall monitor its performance.
  4. There will be a basis for evaluation of the investment performance of the Investment Advisory Firm over a full market cycle.


Responsibility and Governance

Duties of the Subcommittee on Investments

Delegation of Authority

Duties of the Investment Advisory Firm

Duties of the Rhodes College Finance Office Staff

Spending Policy

Investment Objectives

Investment Policy

Proxy Voting

Performance Standards

Other Endowment Policies

In effect February 14, 2008.
Vice President for Finance and Business Affairs.