Student Publications


All student publications are governed by the Publications Board, which is chaired by the Publications Commissioner and is composed of editors and elected representatives. The Publications Board appoints editors and business managers of the various publications who are responsible to the Board, not only in all financial matters, but also for the proper conduct of the publications.

Publications include:

  • The Sou′wester, the weekly student newspaper;
  • the Lynx, the College yearbook;
  • the Southwestern Review, the College literary magazine;
  • Cereal Info, the daily news brief;
  • Confluence, the humanities journal; and
  • Colossus, a student Web publication.

These official student publications have been established as forums for student expression, as voices of free and open discussion of issues, and as an educational setting in which students learn proper journalistic practice. No publications of these organizations are reviewed by College administrators prior to distribution. The College assumes no liability for the content of an official student publication and urges all student journalists to recognize that with editorial control comes responsibility, including the responsibility to follow professional journalism standards.

In effect April 26, 2004.
Dean of Students.