College Vehicles


In order to provide a responsive and flexible transportation service for the College community, Rhodes maintains several vehicles for use by faculty, administrators, and students, when engaged in official College business.

This transportation service is under the supervision of the Campus Safety Office and all questions and problems arising from this service will be directed to the Director of Campus Safety or the Department’s Administrative Assistant.

A reservations calendar will be maintained at the Campus Safety Office and the scheduling of all vehicle use will be listed on this calendar. Reservations are made for the most part on a “first come” basis. In an emergency, administrative offices will have priority over student organizations.

Approval by the Campus Safety Office of vehicle use can be obtained only during business hours (8:00 a.m. — 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday) and only by the Director of Campus Safety or the Department’s Administrative Assistant. Faculty, staff, and students are required to fill out a Rhodes Mileage Report form every time they use a College vehicle. The Campus Safety Administrative Assistant will provide the key and mileage report form. Upon returning the vehicle, the form must be filled out and returned to the Campus Safety Office along with the key.

For insurance purposes, first-time drivers are required to fill out a Driver Qualification form and submit completed for to the Director of Campus Safety before checking out any vehicle. This form will determine who will be eligible to operate a College vehicle. This form will provide information regarding the operator’s driver record. The form will be kept in the Campus Safety Office and it will be the responsibility of the applicant to notify the Campus Safety Administrative Assistant if any information on the form changes. All faculty and staff must have the form approved and signed by the person responsible for the budget in that department. Students will be required to have the form approved and signed by the sponsor or president of the organization. Our insurance requires that when traveling out-of-town with multiple occupants in a Rhodes pool car, a Request for Insurance on College-Sponsored Trip form must be completed and submitted to the Finance Office. All authorized drivers and destinations will be listed.
Charges for vehicles use will be made to departmental accounts or student organizational accounts.

The department operating the vehicle will be responsible for the costs resulting from:

  • Damage to vehicles caused by abuse or neglect.
  • Damage to vehicles while engaged in unauthorized or illegal use.
  • Missing tools or equipment.
  • Costs incurred when the vehicle is returned in unsatisfactory condition such as, dirty, garbage inside, etc.
  • Cost for gasoline, if returned with less than 1/4 tank.
  • Returning Vehicles. To facilitate use of cars by the College community, trip forms and keys are to be returned immediately to the Campus Safety
  • Office. Vehicles should be parked only in designated spaces. The vehicle must be returned with a minimum of l/4 tank of gasoline. Failure to observe these rules will result in reduced priority on the reservations list.

Accidents and Repairs
While every effort is made to maintain vehicles in the best possible condition, failures may occasionally occur.

  • If a vehicle has a mechanical failure that might cause further damage or unsafe operation, the driver should:
  • Return the vehicle if operated locally or call the Campus Safety Office if the vehicle is inoperable.
  • Proceed to have minimum necessary repairs made by a repair shop, provided such repairs do not exceed $50 and it is not practical to call the Campus Safety Office. Expenses may be reimbursed upon presentation of a validated paid receipt.
  • If major mechanical difficulties occur or if the vehicle is damaged so that it cannot be driven, call the Campus Safety Office.
  • In case of an accident, refer to the instructions on the back of the mileage report form.
  • Please report on the form all needed repairs. Only through the cooperation of each person who uses a College vehicle can the vehicles be maintained properly.

Driver Responsibilities
All persons who use College vehicles must drive safely and legally. The driver to whom a College automobile has been released is fully responsible for the security and operation of the vehicle until it is returned to the campus and checked in. The driver may not delegate this responsibility to any other person. Picking up hitchhikers and casual riders is not permitted. Drivers should lock the vehicle at all times when parked on campus or away. Drivers are also required to wear seat belts on campus or away. The College is not responsible for traffic violations of drivers of College vehicles. College vehicles may not be driven by students outside a 100-mile radius of Memphis city limits. The only exceptions shall be when a full-time employee of the College is riding at all times in the vehicle being driven by the student. Violations will result in restricted use of College vehicles by the department or organization the student represents.

Only Physical Plant Department personnel may drive the College trucks. Use for other than Physical Plant Department purposes is left to the discretion of the Director of Physical Plant.

In effect April 26, 2004.
Dean of Students.