Ethnic Markets Provide Spice to Life

a young Indian woman in a market
Swaneet Mand (Class of 2018)

Whether you miss your Mom’s chicken curry like I do, or your Spanish class inspires you to make your own tamales, Memphis boasts an abundance of ethnic markets and grocery stores to help you get your ethnic food fix. These grocery stores will diversify your pantry past the shrimp flavored ramen noodles you got at CashSaver.

Winchester Farmers Market 
6166 Winchester Rd.
Winchester Farmers Market is your one-stop shop if you know you want something new, but can’t decide on only one part of the world you want to taste. It’s an ethnic grocery store with food from all over the world, organized by country of origin. You can visit Spain and China in the same day, without the ridiculous airfare and jetlag.

Viet Hoa 
40 N Cleveland St.
Viet Hoa specializes in Asian food, but it’s so much more than noodles. They have fresh vegetables and fresh seafood, some of it still swimming around in the tank. Viet Hoa also offers kitchenware, snacks, and seasonings to add variety to your grilled chicken.

Casa Perez
4880 Summer Ave.
Casa Perez is a Latino market located on Summer. They’ve got everything you need to make yourself some guacamole from scratch: avocadoes, chilies, and spices. In addition, they provide fresh meat and produce.

Mediterranean Grocery 
3561 Park Ave. 
If Search class is making you crave Socrates’ favorite snacks, then Mediterranean Grocery is the place to go. They have a wide selection of Greek foods, including fresh-baked pita, phyllo dough, halloumi, and feta cheese. They’ve also got Persian and Turkish foods, and even some Indian spices.

Saigruha India Mart
7227 Winchester Rd
Saigruha India Mart offers a wide variety of Indian spices, ingredients, and fresh produce, including okra, mint, and long squash. The store also has Indian candies, snacks, and desserts. So grab some Kurkure and jalebi, they’ll go great with your next Netflix marathon.

By Swaneet Mand ’18