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What can I do with a Major in Anthropology?


The information below describes typical occupations and employers associated with this major. Understand that some of the options listed below may require additional training. Moreover, you are not limited to these options alone when choosing a possible career path.

Description of Anthropology/Sociology

The Department of Anthropology/Sociology unites two major social science disciplines. Although the disciplines differ in origin, boundaries, and methodology, they share a common mission: to interpret and explain the structural forces that constitute and influence human action and to facilitate an ongoing encounter with the other, in order to provide the basis for undertaking a critique of our own culture, society, history, and self. Skills of both a methodological and theoretical nature are developed in order to undertake these tasks. The objectives of the department are to prepare students for professional careers in anthropology and sociology and to enrich general education by exposing students to the perspective gained by learning to conceptualize and understand human cultural and social diversity and to account for change and persistence across both time and space.

Career opportunities include social service, teaching, research in governmental or private organizations, foreign service, and programs in the international arena. In conjunction with a faculty advisor, a departmental major will design a curriculum in the department based on the student’s specific goals and career options. The possibilities include intensive preparation for graduate work in either anthropology or sociology and the possibility of designing an interdisciplinary major. (Rhodes’ Department of Anthropology/Sociology Website)

Possible Job Titles of Anthropology/Sociology Graduates

(*Jobs secured as reported by Rhodes Career Services post-graduate survey)

Account Executive
Administrative Assistant
Advertising Assistant
Archaeological Technician
Art Consultant*
Assistant Research Scientist
Broadcast Coordinator
Business Owner*
Cataloging Assistant
Claims Representative
Client Care Representative
Clinical Liaison*
College Recruiter
Conference Arranger
Customer Service Representative
Digital Cartographer
Document Clerk
Family Consultant*
Field Technician
Financial Advisor
Flight Attendant
Fraud Analyst*
Geophysical Specialist
Health and Safety Administrator
HIV/AIDS Education Specialist*
Human Resource Assistant
Humane Society Director
Laboratory Technician
Litigation Investigator
Loan Officer
Logistics Officer
Marketing Assistant*
Mathematical Statistician
Medical Specialist*
Naval Intelligence Officer
Operations Manager*
Orientation Counselor*
Park Ranger*
Personal Banker*
Prevention Educator
Probation Officer
Production Intern*
Program Assistant*
Public Relations Specialist
Publication Manager*
Rehabilitation Trainer*
Research Assistant*
Residential Counselor
Sales Representative
Section Supervisor
Senior Secretary
Social/Case Worker
Training & Development Assistant*
Travel Manager
Volunteer Coordinator*
Web Designer

Possible Employers Who Might Hire Anthropology/Sociology Graduates

(*Jobs secured as reported by Rhodes Career Services post-graduate survey)

American Red Cross
Banks and Financial Institutions*
Birch′s Telecom
Botanical Gardens
Canada Life
Child Trends*
CIBA Vision
Colleges and Universities*
Community Entry Services*
Contemporary Media*
Converse & Associates*
Country Day School*
Creative Community Services*
Dept. of Social Services
Dreamworks, Inc.*
Earth Search
Enterprise Rent-a-Car
Epic Engineering
Equal Employment Opportunity
GeoEnvironmental Tec Group
Habitat for Humanity Intl
JET Program*
King Spalding Law Firm
Laurel Woods Mental Health
LeBonheur Children’s Hospital*
Maximus Probations
Nantahala Outdoor Center
National Park Service*
Nonprofit Organizations*
Peace Corps*
Progressive Insurance
San Francisco Conservation Corp.*
School Systems*
Sexual Assault Center
Standard Register
State Farm Insurance
STAX Music Academy*
Subsurface Detection
SunTrust Bank
Teach for America*
The John Ryan Company
Top Turf
United States Army*
U.S. Census Bureau
Youth Villages*

Skill Sets and Interests Associated with Anthropology/Sociology Majors

  • Proficiency in interpersonal communication 
  • Ability to conduct and clearly explain sociological/scientific research
  • Ability to interact with people of different backgrounds in various situations
  • Knowledge of community resources
  • Ability to maintain composure in stressful situations
  • Appreciation for other cultures
  • Proficiency in reading comprehension, writing, and speaking
  • Proficiency with computers
  • Ability to evaluate personal problems and make appropriate decisions
  • Ability to accurately interpret and evaluate events, information, and ideas related to the past
  • Desire to positively impact humanity

Top Career Services Resources for Anthropology/Sociology Majors

  • Great Jobs for Anthropology Majors by Blythe Camenson
  • Great Jobs for Sociology Majors by Stephen Lambert
  • Careers in Community Development by Paul Brophy and Alice Shabecoff
  • Careers for Good Samaritans and other Humanitarian Types by Marjorie Eberts and Margaret Gisler
  • 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For by Leslie Hamilton and Robert Tragert

Rhodes Campus Contacts Associated with Anthropology/Sociology Majors

Career Services

Department of Anthropology/Sociology

Additional Resources/Contacts for Anthropology/Sociology Majors

American Sociological Association             
Society for Applied Sociology
Society for the Study of Social Problems
American Anthropological Association
Commission on Applied and Clinical Sociology
American Association of Museums
Society for American Archaeology