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What can I do with a major in Business?


The information below describes typical occupations and employers associated with this major. Understand that some of the options listed below may require additional training.Moreover, you are not limited to these options alone when choosing a possible career path.

Description of Business 

There are two tracks within the Business major: General Business and International Business. Economics and business are closely related social sciences that share a common theoretical base and employ similar methodology and analytical tools. They differ primarily in the perspectives taken and the problems on which they focus.

A liberal education in economics provides students with an understanding of the method and techniques of economic analysis, the important economic institutions in our economy and the role that they play, and the policies designed to correct economic problems.

Similarly, a liberal education in business provides students with both applied knowledge of the functional areas of the business firm’s operations, and with the broader social and historical perspective required for successful leadership roles in business and society at large.

Courses are offered to help students understand the nature of and reasons for the accomplishments and problems of economic systems, in theory and in practice. Anyone concerned with the operation of businesses, monetary and financial institutions, tax laws, the government’s role in the economy, economic development of the developing countries, and international trade and finance, will find courses in the department that address these concerns. For non-majors, courses which have a minimum of prerequisites are offered in both economics and business.

Possible Job Titles of Business Graduates

(*Jobs secured as reported by Rhodes Career Services post-graduate survey) 
Account Associate*
Administrative Assistant*
Account Representative*
Archivist/Economic Historian
Assistant Director of Admissions*
Assistant Food Manager*
Assistant Product Manager*
Associate Financial Consultant*
Bank Officer
Benefit Consultant
Budget Consultant
City Planning Aid
Claims Adjuster/Examiner
Commercial Banker
Contract Administrator
Corporate Marketing Manager*
Cost Accountant
Credit Analyst*
Customer Service Representative
Data Analyst
Estate Planner
Equity Analyst*
Financial Aid Counselor
Financial Advisor*
Financial Analyst*
Financial Associate*
Financial Service Representative
Financial Underwriter
Human Resource Manager*
Insurance Salesman
Intelligence Analyst
International Trade Economist
Investment Banking Analyst*
Junior Broker*
Labor Economist
Land Broker*
Leasing Consultant*
Legislative Correspondent*
Management Trainee*
Manager/financial institution
Marketing Representative*
Merchandising Coordinator*
Mortgage Loan Officer*
Personnel Manager
Portfolio Strategist
Production Analyst*
Program Director*
Quality Assurance Analyst
Risk Analyst*
Real Estate Broker
Sales Associate*
Staff Auditor*
Vice President Sales*

Possible Employers & Employment Settings for Business Graduates

(*Jobs secured as reported by Rhodes Career Services post-graduate survey)
 A.G. Edwards
American Express*
Andersen Consulting*
Archer Malmo*
Bay Medical Center*
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Chambers of Commerce
ChemOil Corporation*
Coca Cola*
Consulting Firms
Consumer Affairs Departments
Continental Airlines*
Deloitte and Touche*
E Trade Securities*
Edward D. Jones & Co.
Eli Lilly & Co.
Employee Solutions*
Energy Departments*
Enterprise Rent-A-Car*
Ernest and Young*
Federal Trade Commissions
Ferguson Enterprises
Financial Institutions
First Tennessee Bank* 
Flu Air Systems, Inc.*
Government Agencies
Hewitt Associates*
Insurance Companies*
International Paper*   
Investment Firms
JET Program*
Labor Unions
Madison Financial Group
Market Research Depts.      
Marsh, Inc.*
Mercer Capital*
Merrill Lynch*
Morgan Keegan*
Morgan Stanley Dean      
Norfolk Southern
Personnel Departments
Political Action Groups
RaceTrac Petroleum
Research/Dev. Firms         
Resource Financial Group
School Systems*        
Siebel Systems, Inc.*
Social Security Admin.
State Farm
Stephens, Inc.*
Trade Associations
Trammell Crow*
U.S. Department of State
Univest Financial Group*
Wachovia Bank
Wells Fargo

Skill Sets and Interests Commonly Associated with Business Majors

  • Critiquing & diagnosing problems
  • Touble-shooting
  • Analyzing community needs
  • Planning and organizing events, meetings, workshops
  • Problem-solving
  • Program development
  • Surveying
  • Decision-making
  • Analyzing manpower requirements
  • Systematizing/organizing material
  • Reviewing/evaluating
  • Team-building
  • Goal-setting 

Career Services Resources for Business Majors

  • Careers in Marketing/Careers in Finance
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  • The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America

Campus Contacts Associated with Business Majors

Rhodes Career Services

Economics/Business Deptartment

Additional Resources for Business Majors

Economics Research Network                          
American Marketing Association
Federation of International Trade Associations
American Finance Association
U. S. Chamber of Commerce
Financial Jobs
Hoover′s Online
National Association for Business Economics