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What can I do with a major in Physics?


The information below describes typical occupations and employers associated with this major. Understand that some of the options listed below may require additional training. Moreover, you are not limited to these options alone when choosing a possible career path.

Description of Physics

A branch of the physical sciences, physics is the study of energy and the behavior of single atoms and their component pieces. Physicists consider themselves the most fundamental of scientists, for they are the ones who examine the basic laws of nature that govern our universe and apply these laws to explain the behavior of increasingly more complex systems. The same underlying principles describe the behavior of atoms, lasers, living cells, and galaxies. Physics, therefore, is at the base of all modern science and technology, and even at an elementary level this fundamental nature can be appreciated. Physicists seek to study and understand what happens when atoms and subatomic particles break down and assemble, how they react to collisions with each other and to electro-magnetic radiation. They use mathematics to understand, explain and predict their theories and equations. They often apply their predictions and theories to other fields - chemistry, biology, geophysics, engineering, communication, transportation, electronics, and health.

Possible Job Titles of Physics Graduates

(*Jobs secured as reported by Rhodes Career Services post-graduate survey)

Aerospace Testing
Biomedical Engineer*
Cancer Field Technician*
Atomic Physicist
Cardiac Imaging Researcher
Chemical Physicist
Engineering Technician
Cell Phone Manager*
Health Physicist
Fluid Physicist
Industrial Hygienist
Medical Physicist
Molecular Physicist
Nuclear Physicist
Nuclear Plant Manager 
Optical Devices Designer
Optical Physicist
Particle Physicist 
Physics Researcher
Naval Officer*
Plasma Physicist
Post Doctoral Fellow
Research Technician*
Research Physicist
Satellite Data Analyst 
Satellite Missions Analyst
Safety Consultant
Science Writer
Solid State Physicist
Technical Director*

Possible Employers and Employment Settings for Physics Graduates

(*Jobs secured as reported by Rhodes Career Services post-graduate survey)

Ahlberg Engineering, Inc.
Aircraft & instrument manufacturers
Centers for Disease Control
Chemical manufacturers
Defense manufacturing companies
Gov’t Agencies and Orgs.
Educational Institutions
Case Western Reserve*
Department of Health & Human
Electrical equipment companies
Engineering firms
Environmental Protection Agency
Food & Drug Administration
Health care facilities
Information/Technology companies
Jan Bell Marketing
National Bureau of Standards
National Institutes of Health
National Science Foundation
Occupational Safety & Health
Patent Office
Private and Non-Profit Organizations
Administration Production facilities
Research and Development
Scientific journals
Technical consulting firms
Testing labs
U.S. Air Force*
Mississippi Teachers Corps*
Teach for America*
Scanditronix Wellhofer*

Skill Sets and Interests Associated with Physics Majors

  • Analytical Skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Time Management Skills

Rhodes Campus Contacts Associated with Physics

Rhodes Career Services

Department of Physics

Additional Resources/Contacts for Physics Majors

The Center for Simulational Physics
American Institute of Physics (AIP)
American Physical Society (APS)
American Journal of Physics
Physics Today
Careers in Physics
American Institute of Physics Job Opportunities
Physics Jobs On-Line