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What can I do with a major in Psychology?


The information below describes typical occupations and employers associated with this major. Understand that some of the options listed below may require additional training. Moreover, you are not limited to these options alone when choosing a possible career path.

Description of Psychology

The Department of Psychology provides students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of behavior and experience
from a variety of theoretical perspectives. Faculty members′ educational backgrounds and research interests include
physiological, health, personality, community, abnormal, social, developmental, and educational psychology. The department
offers several courses of general interest to non-majors and to students in related fields.

Special opportunities for internships can be arranged with the University of Tennessee Center for the Health Sciences, Memphis City Schools, numerous psychologists working in clinical and business settings in the city, and various human services agencies. Majors in the department often take advantage of internships – which are offered for academic credit – to gain practical experience in their particular area(s) of interest. Students are encouraged to become involved in the ongoing research of members of the psychology faculty. These projects include, for example, experimental studies of self-perception and the perception of others, psychophysiological studies of information processing, observational studies of classroom interaction and child development, content analyses of narratives and conversational interaction of children and adults, and intensive studies of pregnant and mothering teens. Frequently, students present these projects at regional or national research meetings.

Facilities include an observational research laboratory for child development and social interaction research, a human psychophysiology laboratory, and individual testing and interviewing rooms. (Rhodes’ Department of Psychology Website)

Possible Job Titles of Psychology Graduates

(*Jobs secured as reported by Rhodes Career Services post-graduate survey)

Academic Advisor
Account Executive
Assessment Coordinator
Behavioral Data Specialist*
Case Manager
Claims Representative
Clinical Assistant
Communications Officer
Community Pediatrics Aide*
Community Service Director*
Consultant Assistant*
Creative Director
Customer Service Rep*
Direct Care Counselor*
Director of Youth Ministry*
Director of Social Services*
Early Intervention Specialist*
Exceptional Child Autism Teacher*
Family Counselor*
Financial Advisor*
Flight Attendant
Guidance Counselor
High Schools Program Manager*
Human Resource Manager*
Insurance Counselor
Lab Technician*
Leasing Consultant
Legislative Consultant*
Litigation Clerk*
Loan Officer*
Management Trainee
Marketing Representative* 
Medical Assistant*
Mental Health Specialist*
Office Manager
Outcome Eval. Specialist*
Pharmaceutical Rep.
Physical Therapy Tech*
Placement Coordinator
Police Officer
Prevention Instructor*
Promotions Assistant
Psychiatric Technician
Public Relations Specialist
Real Estate Agent
Research Assistant*
Residential Counselor
Sales Representative*
Social Worker
Special Projects Coordinator*
Teacher’s Assistant*
Toddler Teacher*
Volunteer Coordinator
Youth Group Intern*
Youth Minister*

Possible Employers and Employment Settings for Psychology Graduates

(*Jobs secured as reported by Rhodes Career Services post-graduate survey) 
Affordable Health*             
American Express*
American Institutes of Research*
Best Buddies*
Boy Scouts of America*
Broadcasting Companies
Brook Feagin Real Estate, Inc.*
Bullock, Hornsby, and Fly*
Businesses and Corporations
Campbell Clinic*
Charter Behavioral Health
Colleges and Universities*
Community Organizations*
Cotton Patch Framery*
Crème de la Crème*
Crisis Centers*
Dept. of Rehab. Services  
Department Stores*
Hi Glaxco Pharmaceuticals
Human Service Agencies
Insurance Agencies
Law Offices*
Mecklemburg School Systems*
Montessori School of
Non-profit Organizations*
Orpheum Theatre*
Peace Corps*
Pharmaceutical Companies
Political Offices*
Research Foundations
School Systems*
Socially Yours*
Stroud Enterprises*
Teach for America*
Travel and Tour Agencies
United States Army*
University of Texas Health Sciences*
Youth Villages*

Skill Sets and Interests Associated with Psychology Majors

  • Able to interpret and clearly explain psychological research and tests of all types
  • Proficiency in reading comprehension
  • Ability to observe and analyze introspectively
  • Sensitivity to and understanding of the needs and emotions of others
  • Understanding of human development and behavior
  • Investigative, likes to think analytically
  • Proficient in speaking, writing, & interpersonal communication
  • Ability to evaluate personal problems and make appropriate decisions

Top Rhodes Career Services Resources for Psychology Majors

  • Career Paths in Psychology: Where Your Degree Can Take You by Robert J. Sternberg
  • The Guide that Turns Learning into Earning: Liberal Arts Jobs by Burt Nadler
  • A Guide to Careers in Community Development by Paul C. Brophy and Alice Shabecoff
  • 100 Best Nonprofits to Work For by Leslie Hamilton and Robert Tragert
  • The Psychology Major’s Handbook by Tara L. Kuther

Rhodes Campus Contacts Associated with Psychology

Career Services

Rhodes Department of Psychology

Additional Resources/Contacts for Psychology Majors

American Counseling Association
American Psychological Association
American Art Therapy Association
American Assoc. for Marriage & Family Therapy
Psych Web (Careers with a Psychology degree)
American Music Therapy Association
National Association of School Psychologists
National Mental Health Association