Summer Housing 2015


Summer Housing Registration opens in April 2015.

Summer Housing 2015

Application will be available in early April.   Summer Rent 2015 will be $315 a month.


Summer Housing Registration and Information: Summer housing will be available to Rhodes students who were enrolled full-time in the spring of 2015 and who will be enrolled full-time in the fall of 2015.  Submission of an application does not guarantee an offer for housing. If demand is higher than space available, priority will be given according to these considerations: 1) Students working in the REACH program or on a faculty-sponsored research or internship on campus or in Memphis. 2) Students taking Rhodes Summer School classes*. 3) Students employed for the summer by Rhodes. 4) Students who wish to live at Rhodes, but do not meet the above criteria.


*Students staying just to take summer classes can apply for six weeks of summer housing for $470.00.  Students need to move out by June 21, 2015.


ROOMS, ROOMMATES AND SINGLES: Room assignments will be made after the priority deadline. Because of the short timeframe, the Residence Life Office will make summer assignments.  All students will be housed in Bellingrath and Ellett halls. 


Rooms will be assigned with these considerations: first, students who currently live in a particular room and secondly, on seniority. Rooms will be filled before additional rooms are “opened”. If you do not have a roommate in mind – or if your intended roommate does not receive summer housing – the Residence Life Office will help you locate a roommate. As a last resort, we will make roommate assignments.


HOUSING AGREEMENT AND HANDBOOK: Students are responsible for reading all information in the summer housing agreement prior to signing it. Students in summer housing must follow all policies outlined in the 2014-2015 student handbook located on-line.


PAYING RENT: All rent charges for the summer will be posted on accounts by June 1, 2015. These bills must be paid prior to Enrollment Clearance in the fall. When a student checks out of a room, all belongings must be removed, and the key returned to the Residence Life Office. Any items left behind will be discarded. The three ′months′ of summer housing are:


Month 1:    May 11-June 12, 2015

Month 2:    June 12-July 17, 2015

Month 3:    July 17-August 22, 2015


Summer Housing will be $315 per month. Housing costs will NOT be pro-rated. If you reside in or have belongings in College housing for any portion of a month, you will be billed for that month of summer housing. Students may not apply for summer housing as a way to achieve an early arrival into fall semester housing.


STORAGE: According to the College′s storage policy, a student may not use a College residence to store another student′s belongings. If you "babysit" a piece of furniture in your apartment/room for another student over the summer, you are responsible for moving it to your assigned room at the end of the summer. A resident is prohibited from storing his/her own belongings on campus without being in residence.


MOVING INTO SUMMER HOUSING FOR CURRENT RHODES COLLEGE RESIDENTS: Students will stay in their current room until the halls have closed after commencement. Students who rent for the first month will move into summer housing starting on May 22 at 4pm and should planned to be completed their move in by May 25 at 8pm.    Given the number of seniors and the amount of time needed to clean the buildings, these dates are not flexible. Students who do not currently reside on campus will be able to move into summer housing no earlier than May 22 at 4pm.


MOVE OUT AT THE END OF SUMMER FOR RHODES COLLEGE RESIDENTS in CAMPUS HOUSING FOR FALL 2015: Residents will move out of summer housing and into fall housing starting on Friday July 31 at 4pm and must be completely moved by Sunday August 2 by 8pm.   Belongings left in summer housing after August 1 will be packed by contract movers and stored. Students will be billed for all moving expenses.   Because of cleaning and early arrivals, Residence Life and Physical Plant cannot be flexible on these dates. Under no circumstances will students be permitted to move into their fall housing assignments before July 31, 2015.


Please send questions regarding summer housing to