Student Organizations


The Multicultural Affairs Office works closely with several cultural organizations on campus to produce seminars, off-campus experiences, speakers, cultural celebrations and workshops. These programs explore and support the intellectual, social, cultural, political and spiritual development of the entire campus.

All Students Interested in Asia (A.S.I.A.) provides a support group for Asian students and a forum on contemporary issues concerning Asian culture. ASIA sponsors social and cultural activities and events for the Rhodes community, highlighting diverse Asian cultures. ASIA has bi-monthly meetings.   

Black Student Association (BSA) promotes unity within the African-American community and creates harmonious relationships among people of different cultures and backgrounds. The organization exemplifies the rich cultural heritage and unique diversity of people of African descent. BSA holds bi-monthly organizational meetings, hosts monthly social and cultural activities, participates in campus initiatives, and has several fundraisers to contribute to its scholarship fund.

Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) provides a structured extracurricular outlet for Rhodes students interested in gay, lesbian, bisexual and/or transgender issues. The organization recognizes diversity and promotes respect for the rights and dignity of all people. GSA’s goal is to break down the walls of intolerance by educating the Rhodes community on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues and to encourage thoughtful and open discussion about human sexuality.   

Hispanic Organization for Language and Activities (HOLA) promotes diversity by bringing together those interested in the Spanish language and Hispanic/Latino culture in a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Rhodes Indian Cultural Exchange (R.I.C.E.) allows people of a common culture, ethnicity, and thought to come together with people who are foreign to such cultures. The organization meets monthly and sponsors cultural and social events for the campus community. 

Valuing Our Impact on the Cultural Experiences of Students (VOICES) is the umbrella organization for all of the cultural groups under the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Bi-weekly meetings are held to discuss issues of concern, upcoming cultural events and ways that the groups can partner together in programming initiatives. VOICES sponsors the annual Dining for Diversity event.

Support Groups-Brothers With Purpose (BWP) and African-American Women Speaking Our Minds on Empowerment (AWSOME)—promote connections between students, faculty, staff and alumni. Involvement encourages closer communication; promotes personal development; and contributes to students’ overall educational experiences.   

SIGN Club promotes awareness of Deaf culture and offers students the opportunity to learn and share the primary language of the Deaf community, American Sign Language. Past activities have included film screenings on Deaf culture, silent lunches, Sign language lessons, and volunteering with local organizations committed to d/Deaf education. All are welcome - whether you are deaf or hearing, whether you are just learning the alphabet or have been signing for years.