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Elections Commission


Noah Pittman ('08) Speaks to the Senate

Election Commissioners, Richard Sewell & Rahel Stowe, annouce information pertaining to elections.

The Elections Commission is a semi-autonomous body of the Senate of RSG which efficiently and fairly manages campus elections. Each year, the Commission oversees First Year, Officer, and General Elections, as well as the election of Mr. & Ms. Rhodes.

The Commission is composed of the Elections Commissioners, who preside over elections, and the Elections Committee, which serves as an appellate body for the consideration of filed grievances.

Elections Commission decisions are based on the Elections Commission By-Laws (.doc) in conjunction with interests of the student body.  Information on leadership positions and voting procedure can be found in the Elections Commission FAQ sheet (.doc).

For students interested in running for Campus Officer Positions, note these dates:

January 20- Campaign Information Session. At this time, students will be able to ask current officers questions they may have concerning the work and duties of a campus officer. At the end of the session, students who have decided to run for campus officer will receive a petition form. To be an eligible candidate, the student must obtain 30 signatures from fellow classmates indicating that the support the student′s efforts to run for campus officer.
January 27- Campaign Regulations Session. At this time, students will submit their completed petitions to the election commissioner. The election commissioner will then inform the candidates of the campaign regulations. Note: The election commissioner will review the submitted petitions to ensure that there are no violations.
February 5- Election. A online ballot will be sent out at midnight. Elections are open from 12:01am to 7pm. The votes will be tallied, and an e-mail will be sent out informing the student body of the election results.
February 10- Run-Off Election (if necessary). If one candidate did not receive a 50%-plus-one-vote majority, a run-off election will be held in the fashion as the officer election was held.