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Study Abroad

and International Students

The Buckman Center for International Education advances the international and intercultural dimensions of the Rhodes College liberal arts education.


Learning of this nature is best enhanced and enriched by direct and sustained experiences with other cultures, languages, and political systems.  Accordingly, the Buckman Center serves not only students studying off-campus and abroad, but also international students studying at Rhodes College.  Please read About Us!

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Mon Jan 13 22:18
Rhodes2TheWorld: Interested in the Buckman Fellowship? We better see you Wednesday! #scholarships #it'snotasmallworld

Tue Nov 05 17:06
Rhodes2TheWorld: Don't forget to come out this Thursday at 5pm to Burrow 103 to hear everything about Summer programs and scholarships!

Mon Oct 28 18:46
Rhodes2TheWorld: Check out Study Abroad instagram: Cool pictures from students that are studying abroad and updates from our office