Timeline for Developing Faculty Led Programs


Eighteen Months to Nine Months Before Departure

Nine Months to Six Months Before Departure

Six Months to Three Months Before Departure

Three Months to One Month Before Departure

Eighteen Months to Nine Months Before Departure

  • Assess student, departmental, institutional needs and existing programs in the same academic field or location. Determine your niche in the study abroad market.  Finalize the purpose(s) of the program and your target population for recruitment.
  • Meet with the Director of International Programs and department head to discuss plans and to discuss procedures for approval of new study abroad programs. 
  • Meet with accounting to discuss financial administration of the program.
  • Begin to create your Program Proposal and Information Form and consult with department chair regarding courses, budget, goals and objectives, action plan and timeline, proposed in-country itinerary, and involvement of other faculty and staff.
  • Begin negotiations with vendors (airlines, tour companies, hotels, landlords, host country universities and/or language institutes, host families, etc.). 
  • Recruit faculty and staff. 
  • Finalize the initial program itinerary and budget.  Determine additional expenses for students. 
  • Develop and finalize program policies and procedures and program dates. Determine vaccinations that students will need to have and set application deadlines appropriately. 
  • Establish a date for possible cancellation of the program if enrollment is not sufficient. 
  • Consult with Director of International Programs for additional assistance with your Program Proposal and budgeting. Submit all forms to the Director of International Programs by September 15.  A set of post-approval materials will be sent to the faculty leader. 
  • Meet with the Bursar to set up program finances and accounts and go over all financial procedures.
  • Obtain approval for new courses and for courses to be offered in other departments.
  • Establish schedule(s) for payment of vendors.
  • Determine if students will need a visa; consult with appropriate consulate or procedures for obtaining visas. Prepare post-acceptance materials and database spreadsheet to track student information. Include information on necessary travel documents and recommended immunizations.

Nine to Six Months Before Departure

  • Prepare publicity and application materials.  For professionally printed materials, deliver the job to the printer in advance of major recruiting opportunities (such as study abroad fairs). 
  • Recruit participants (attend study abroad fairs, advertise in the school paper, visit classes, submit materials to the Buckman Center for inclusion in the web site).
  • Work with your departmental assistant to ensure that the necessary payroll procedures are being followed and proper paperwork submitted.

Six to Three Months Before Departure

  • Order textbooks, if applicable.
  • Make sure students have or are applying for passports. 

Three Months to One Month Before Departure

  • Conduct pre-departure orientation. 
  • Make or request copies of student passports. 
  • Make sure all students are registered for the course(s). 
  • Reconfirm all reservations abroad and make sure payments have been received by vendors for services. 
  • Plan in-country orientation. Organize emergency contact information on all students and co-leader(s).
  • Complete all visa and travel document issues. 
  • Establish U.S. Embassy contact at program location. 
  • Send correspondence to parents. 
  • Make sure students have signed and submitted all student agreements, waivers and health forms to the program director. Make copies of documents and leave originals in department office or at the Buckman Center.
  • Submit Destination Details Form to the Buckman Center.