Erin Hillis, M.A.


Assistant Director of International Programs  

Erin advises students though the process of deciding on the study abroad program that fits their unique interests and needs.  She communicates with Rhodes faculty, staff and parents on all aspects of taking courses off-campus, and assists the Rhodes community with questions about administrative policies and procedures for study abroad.  She is the primary adviser for all exchange programs and ISEP, and is co-coordinator for the European Studies program.

Erin is also the primary contact person for international students enrolled at Rhodes.  In this capacity, Erin′s advising begins prior to meeting the new international students, acting as their non-academic advisor/mentor as they begin the process of moving to the States.

Erin studied language in China and in Russia and volunteered on four occasions in Belize.  Her other travels include England, Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, the United Arab Emerites, Oman, and Nepal.  Erin received two degrees from the University of Memphis: her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and her Master of Arts in English as a Second Language.

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” 

Burrow Center, Lower Level