European Studies


About the Program

(Updated for Fall 2015 Program on March 16, 2015)

European Studies is a sixteen-week program offered jointly by Rhodes and The University of the South (Sewanee) that takes place from mid summer through early Fall. It is a full semester of study abroad and offers the unique experience of studying in a variety of locations in Europe. Students choose between two academic options within European Studies. The two options run simultaneously in these four phases:

1.  At the University of the South: three weeks
2.  In York and Durham: ten days  (European Studies begins with a two-day stay in Edinburgh, Scotland).
3.  At Oxford University, Lincoln College: six weeks (Optional mid-term weekend in Dublin. Its cost is additional to the fees for the program.)
4.  Travel throughout Europe and in London: five weeks, where each option has a separate travel itinerary specifically tailored to its subject matter

Dates: July 12 through October 29, 2015

Both options provide a highly enjoyable experience of other cultures and other academic methods that enriches study back on the Rhodes campus. Both options provide a detailed, inter-disciplinary study of an important epoch in the history of Western European civilization; and both give students an unequalled opportunity to visit many of Europe′s greatest monuments, cities, landscapes and works of art, including a private visit to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel in Rome. Participants of European Studies are uniquely offered a number of privileged entrances on the Continent; in Britain, students enjoy visits to a Shakespeare production at the Globe Theatre in London and to a major London ballet or opera. These special opportunities are arranged by European Studies through long-established contacts in Europe.

Apply to European Studies

The Application Packet is available in the Office of European Studies in Burrow Hall, lower level, usually mid-fall. The program is open to students of all disciplines in good academic and social standing. The Application Deadline is February 1. (Places tend to be taken up rapidly, so students with a particular preference for one of the options are encouraged to apply as soon as possible).

A complete application includes:

  • Completed application forms
  • A typed paragraph explaining how the applicant hopes to benefit from participating in the program
  • $300 deposit (refundable in the event of non-acceptance)
  • Four recent 2” x 2” ID photographs of passport quality
  • An official transcript of all college work completed
  • A photocopy of the first two pages of your passport

Complete applications should be sent to the Office of European Studies, Rhodes College, 2000 North Parkway, Memphis, TN 38112-1690. Telephone (901) 843-3036.


A total of 18 credits is possible for the successful completion of this program. All courses are approved as meeting major, general or foundational degree requirements in the appropriate department or division as noted. Since courses are developed annually, some variation in topics may occur from year to year although the departments and general fields of study remain constant.

Option One: Ancient Greece and Rome: The Foundations of Western Civilization

Option One is a broad study of the culture and thinking of Ancient Greece and Rome, intended principally for those who are not specialist classicists. It is designed to show the fundamental contribution made by the arts and science of the Ancient World to modern Western civilization.

Option Two: Western Europe in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance

Option Two is an interdisciplinary study of the literature, art and history of  Europe in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. Classroom study and European travel combine to provide a stimulating and integrated approach to the rich cultural diversity of Western Europe.

Administrative Details for Both Options

Dates: July 12 through October 29, 2015

Cost: The comprehensive fee for this program, including all services, benefits, and instruction described in the official notice of European Studies, is $22,100.

Students participating in the Optional Week-end Excursion to Dublin pay an additional $690. On application to the program, the student pays a non-refundable $300 deposit.  Students pay their tuition and fees to Rhodes and receive need-based financial aid as granted by Rhodes. Aid is limited to the amount that would be granted in support of a semester’s study at Rhodes. The credits are applied directly to degree requirements and are factored into the Rhodes grade point average. 

Cost includes: All tuition; complete room and board while at Sewanee, York, Durham and in Lincoln College; room and partial board in Edinburgh, on the Continent and in London; all excursions while in York or Durham, and any day expeditions while in Oxford; visits to the Globe Theatre, and to a current London production; all transportation while in Great Britain and on the Continent; admissions to museums visited for group study; an International Student Identity Card; and program health insurance. All meals with the exception of three are provided during the two months at York or Durham and Oxford.  On the Continent, breakfast is always provided, and one full meal (usually dinner) on at least fifteen days.  Other meals are at the participant′s expense.

Cost does NOT include: Trans-Atlantic airfare from the United States to Great Britain; the cost of the optional mid-term week-end in Dublin; texts required while at Sewanee and Oxford; some meals in Edinburgh, London and on the Continent (see above): and incidental, personal expenses.

European Studies Staff:

  • Dr. Sally Dormer, Dean of European Studies (B.A., University of Durham; M.A., Ph.D., University of London, Courtauld Institute of Art.)
  • Stevens Anderson, Associate Dean of European Studies (B.A., The University of the South; M.A., University of Virginia.)
  • Mary Allie Baldwin, Program Coordinator (B.A. Rhodes College)