Post-Program Activities



Grades need to be submitted for each student.  You will assess any work that the students turned in at the end of the program and will provide final course grades, which are processed in the same way as if the course had taken place on Rhodes campus, within two weeks of the close of the course.  In the case where students have additional work to complete once they return, you must indicate a firm date for submission of this work in your program materials (i.e., course syllabi) before the program start date.  Any student needing an extension of the deadline will request this from the director, and the program leader will submit a grade of incomplete until the work is turned in.


Contact the Accounting Office as soon as possible upon your return to Rhodes to schedule an appointment to reconcile your advance, finalize the program budget, and submit your final report.

Final Report

All program leaders will write a final report for the Buckman Center, with a copy for the Chair of the Department sponsoring the program.  This report should describe the program, assess its successful features, and provide suggestions for changes to be made for the next time as a result of any problems that arose.  Any difficulties encountered need to be documented in this report, along with details of how they were resolved.  The final report is due August 31.