Recruitment for Your Off-Campus Program


Once the Buckman Center has notified you that your program proposal has been approved, your next step is to follow your recruitment plan. Recruiting on a sustained basis is what will make the difference between a successful program and one that may not manage to meet its minimum enrollment target. Some tips for recruitment are as follows: 

Spread the Word!

Announce the program in all classes that you teach in which students are eligible to participate.  Discuss the program with students whom you advise if they are eligible to enroll.  Describe the program to your colleagues and ask them to help you recruit.  Give colleagues and students a copy of your program materials.

Truth in Advertising!

When you speak with students or colleagues about your program, describe the program site, the study facilities, the additional activities, and the living arrangements in positive, but accurate terms.

Housing and Food

Living accommodations are often a major concern for students. Participants should be clearly informed about the type of accommodation arranged for your program during the recruitment phase and again at the pre-departure orientation meeting. Students with special dietary restrictions must be informed about the likelihood of their needs being met.


If you have even basic talent in the poster department, create a large poster and place this on your office door or on a nearby bulletin board. After the first year of a program, the most eye-catching part of your poster will be the pictures of students engaged in the various activities of the trip. Before the first year, consider using photos of site-specific photos so that students may have an idea of what to expect. You may want to ask a student for assistance in creating your poster and with other recruiting efforts.

Information Sessions

Holding informal Information Sessions for interested students is usually a very successful method to increase enrollment from the student body. There should be several of these sessions in the year prior to your program.

Tracking Student Interest

If students contact you directly about the program, you may give them the application materials.  You should keep a contact sheet on every student and interact with them periodically to keep their level of interest up. Please refer these students to the Buckman Center so they may begin to complete their Off-Campus Study Application.

Program Fees and Billing

Program fees for Rhodes programs vary but generally include tuition and housing. Rhodes College reserves the right to cancel, alter, or amend any part of a Rhodes program or to increase fees should circumstances make these actions advisable or necessary.

Billing procedures have been updated per the requests of past program leaders.  Effective immediately, the Bursar′s Office will bill each student through the student’s Rhodes student account for the amount of the program UPON ACCEPTANCEIn the event that a student chooses to withdraw from the program after being accepted and billed, the student will be responsible for the entire cost of the program.

Cancellations and Refunds

In the event of cancellation of an entire session of a Rhodes program before commencement of the program, all monies paid to Rhodes prior to that time will be refunded. Should an unavoidable event such as epidemic, civil unrest, or threat of terrorist activity result in a partial cancellation, a prorated refund of all fees, together with an appropriate evaluation of academic credit, will follow. These actions will terminate any further liability on the part of Rhodes.

In the event that a student chooses to withdraw from the program after being accepted and billed, the student will be responsible for the entire cost of the program.  Refunds will be considered only in cases of serious illness or emergency and the amounts of refunds will be determined individually on the basis of recoverable costs by Rhodes at the time of the withdrawal.

Application Process

All students submit their Off-Campus Study Application to the Buckman Center. These applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.  Admission decisions are usually made within two weeks of a submitted, completed application.  Some programs fill quickly, prior to the Feb 15 deadline.  Therefore, it is important to encourage your students to apply as early as possible.
The Buckman Center welcomes applications for Rhodes programs from students who possess a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (unless specified higher) and are in good social standing. You may establish additional admissions criteria (such as pre-requisites); if you do this, these criteria must be clearly spelled out in your program materials. 

Applicants are reviewed on the basis of their complete academic record, timely submission of required documents, and disciplinary history.  Applicants who have been denied based on one or more of these factors may request a review of the decision by submitting a letter of appeal to the Director of International Programs within 5 business days of the decision.  Applicants who have been denied based on an insufficient grade point average MUST also submit a letter of support for participation on the program by the Rhodes faculty member leading the program.  Late or incomplete applications may not be considered. 

Accepting Students into Your Program

The Buckman Center creates a file for each student and notifies you that the application has been received. At this point, you will want to keep in touch with your student applicants via e-mail and phone.  A group mail list is useful to establish as soon as you have your first expression of interest. It’s important to encourage students throughout the application process so that ultimately they participate in your program. A group e-mail provides students with a feeling of camaraderie, and the knowledge that some of their classmates and friends may be part of the same group. It may also provide the impetus that a student needs to overcome hidden fears about studying off-campus.  It will also allow you to communicate important information to your students as the departure date draws near.

You will receive periodic updates from the Buckman Center, informing you of the number of applicants and the status of their files.  Please be aware that not every applicant chooses to complete the process, and that not every applicant will be accepted into your program. 

Students will receive notification from the Buckman Center when they are accepted or denied admittance into your program.  Program leaders will be notified of these acceptances and denials.  Students denied admission will receive information on the appeals process. All admissions are conditional based on continued good academic and social standing.

Wait-Listing Students

Place students on a wait list in the event that your program is filled. If spaces in the program open up, inform the student and the Buckman Center.


If a student informs you that they need to withdraw from the program, please remind the student of the Refund Policy stated above and that they need to inform the Buckman Center in writing. Any refunds due to the student are based on the day that written notice to withdraw is received by the Buckman Center.