Is Your Program Viable?


The first thing to consider when developing an off-campus study program is whether the program will be viable and how it will fit among the overall off-campus programs offered at Rhodes College.  The following factors will help you in conducting your own assessment of your program′s viability.  The Buckman Center for International Education can provide current student participation data on request.

Test of New Off-Campus Study Program Viability

  1. Demand for opportunities or new/additional opportunities in the particular countr(ies).  As Rhodes has more than a few off-campus study programs, please consider first the number of existing programs in the country of choice, as well as whether there are appropriate, high-quality non-Rhodes programs already serving the need.
  2. Demand for additional off-campus study opportunities in the discipline(s).  Consider whether there are existing programs serving this major and whether or not they fill to capacity, as well as whether there are appropriate, high-quality non-Rhodes programs already serving the need.
  3. Every program must be in accordance with the Rhodes Travel Policy for countries on the Department of State Travel Warning List.  Consider first the State Department information, but also your personal experience/knowledge, current events, and any other relevant information.
  4. Broad-based support and administrative assistance from your department, dean, etc., to start and run the program.

If you feel that your program idea is viable and a good complement to existing offerings, then please submit a Program Proposal and Information Form, have it signed by your department chair, and submit it to The Buckman Center with the other requested documentation.  The proposal will be evaluated on the bases of viability and strategic fit by the Buckman Center and the Dean of Faculty.

Please refer to the Downloadable Forms page for the Program Proposal and Information Form to assist you in planning and implementing your off-campus study program.