Russian Cinema in Rome


(Updated 11/1/2013)

Program Name:

Russian Cinema in Rome

Program Description:

Rhodes’ professor Valeria Nollan, a member of the Rhodes Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, has been invited to teach this summer at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. JCU is a full-fledged American university that welcomes visiting students to its community.

The course, Russian Cinema in Rome, will be offered for 3 transfer credits (not Rhodes College credits) equivalent to Rhodes: Russian 400/English 382; including F5.

This course covers the development of Russian cinema from the Revolution of 1917 to the present, with attention focused both on the aesthetic features of the periods under consideration and the political events that affected the efforts of Russian filmmakers to create their works. We examine the innovative 1920s of Soviet Russia, the clampdown on art under Stalin of the 1930s, the patriotic films of the World War II period, thawing of artistic controls of 1953-1985, and the evolution of Russian film in democratic Russia in the early twenty-first century.

We will view and discuss 2-3 films per week, studying relevant theoretical approaches that enrich the analysis of specific films. The directors and films include Eisenstein (The Battleship Potemkin, Alexander Nevsky), Pudovkin (Mother), Tarkovsky (Ivan’s Childhood), Shepitko (Wings), Zarkhi (Anna Karenina), Kurosawa (Dersu Uzala), Sokurov (The Russian Ark), and Lungin (The Island). The course is taught in English; all films are subtitled in English.

Course Credit:

English 382 or Russian 400; 3 credits; Includes Foundations credit for F5.

Locations and Dates:

Professor Valeria Nollan is teaching this summer at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy.
May 15 – June 21, 2014

Eligibility Requirements:

Minimum GPA 2.0 and good academic and social standing.

Language of Instruction: English.

No prerequisites.

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Prof. Valeria Nollan