Taylor Conrad


Where I Went: U.K., France, Italy, Germany, Belgium
When I Went: Fall 2012
Program: European Studies, Western Track

Hi! My name is Taylor and I am a junior Religious Studies major (and undeclared Art History minor). In the summer/fall of 2012 I went on European Studies and had an amazing time! European Studies is a really unique program because it combines an extended six-week stay in Oxford followed by a five-week non-stop travel itinerary. During my time in Oxford I grew to know and love the city and by the end of the six weeks I felt really at home there. Though staying for over a month in one city was great, it was also amazing to spend nearly as much time traveling to over a dozen other cities throughout France, Italy, Germany and even Belgium. During these five weeks I made my way through Paris, Beaune, Dijon, Rome, Florence, Venice, Cortina, Munich, Bamburg, Nuremburg, Bruges, Ghent and London.

I had an incredible time on European Studies and would recommend it to anyone interested in studying abroad simply because you get to experience so many different places and cultures all in one semester. It is a very structured and planned program, which I think is nice especially for students taking their first trip over seas, because that can be an overwhelming experience. I would love to talk more about my trip and offer any help or advice that I can to students looking to go on European Studies or any other study abroad program!

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