Allison Bruff


Where I Went: U.K., Greece, Turkey, Italy
When I Went: Fall 2012
Program: European Studies, Classical Track

STUDY ABROAD. It’s a term you hear all the time around American colleges, including Rhodes, and has developed something of a casual connotation. But guess what, studying abroad is anything BUT casual! My name is Allison Bruff, and I want to convince everyone with even the slightest interest of participating in an overseas academic program that it can and will be the best decision of your Rhodes career.

For me, the European Studies Classical Track was the ultimate semester abroad. Not only did I travel through Scotland, England, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, and Italy, but I also had the opportunity to live in Oxford for six full weeks, completing three courses with a total of six professors. The curriculum of the Classical Track directly appealed to me because the ancient period is my specialty as a History major. The courses at Sewanee (during the summer) and at Lincoln College in Oxford were challenging yet rewarding. My fellow classmates in the ES program became my whole world that semester. They became my roommates, my friends, and my family! There is much to be said about studying abroad independently, but the friendships I made with Rhodes students and Sewanee students while in Europe didn’t end when I flew back to the States; they continue still today.

If I had to identify ONE aspect of my study abroad experience in particular that I treasure the most, it would be the opportunity I had to go on adventurous, adrenaline-pumping, and empowering explorations! From the first morning in Edinburgh, Scotland to the last week in Rome, I scaled the side of a mountain, hiked along Hadrian’s Wall, climbed the walls of the Ionian sanctuary at Didyma, swam 1.5 miles off an island in the Greek Cyclades, went cliff-diving in Perachora, navigated underground tunnels of a Venetian castle in Nafplion, and sailed on a pirate ship to the “Rhodian” site of Phaselis. I loved my semester abroad not just because it was academically- and culturally-challenging but because it was (literally) physically-challenging as well.¬†

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