Nolan Bielinski


Where I Went: Wyoming, U.S. and Cracow, Poland
When I Went: Summer and Fall 2012
Program: Rhodes Maymester: Rocky Mountain Ecology; API Interdisciplinary Program in Humanities and Social Sciences in Crakow

Hey! My name is Nolan Bielinski and I’m a senior Biology major with a minor in History. Last summer I spent two weeks in Wyoming learning about biology and ecology with other Rhodes students. It was an absolute blast. We went camping and hiking while learning about the nature around us. We had classes and labs outside and spent most of our time in Grand Teton National Park. My favorite experience on this trip was camping in Yellowstone National Park. Our group was extremely lucky in that we were able to see a black bear hunt down a baby pronghorn antelope! The experience was like a living Animal Planet episode.

Immediately following my summer trip, I went abroad to Cracow, Poland for my senior year fall semester. I enjoyed the local cuisine and drinks with my new foreign friends and occasionally went to class. During my time in Europe, I also visited France, England, Hungary, and Slovakia. I had a great time despite the fact that I did not speak the native language, and I recommend any student who is considering going out of his/her comfort zone to do so! It is definitely worth the risk.

Hopefully I will be able to convince you to experience your own study abroad adventure.

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