Julia Greene


Where I Went: Rennes, France
When I Went: Fall 2012
Program: ISEP, Institut d′Etudes Politiques-Rennes

Hi, my name is Julia Greene and I’m a junior International Studies Major with a French and Environmental Studies Minor. I spent last fall living in Rennes, France.

Rennes is the capital city of the Brittany region in North West France, so it′s full of culture and history. It′s a small city, but with three universities, the town is filled with students and interesting things to do. The city was extremely easy to navigate on foot or by bus, which allowed me a lot of independence when exploring.

As an exchange student, I lived on my own in a single dorm and attended school as a regular French student at the Institute of Political Studies ("Sciences Po") that was just a 15 minute walk from my room. Having all of my classes in French was definitely a challenge, but I was forced to make great strides in my listening comprehension and speaking abilities in a short amount of time. Luckily, I wasn′t the only exchange student. Since Sciences Po requires all third year students to spend a year abroad, they accept around 100 international students to fill their places. I made friends from literally all over the world!

These friendships at such an opportune time are what really defined my amazing experience abroad! We traveled throughout the country and navigated our way through the French culture together. Not only did I learn about myself and the French language and country during my time as an exchange student, but I was also exposed to many cultures of the world.

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