Ian Preston


Where I Went: Namibia
When I Went: Summer 2012
Program: Rhodes Maymester: Environmental Field Study in Namibia

My name is Ian Preston and I am an Environmental Studies major. Let me confirm all rumors that studying abroad will change your life and teach you some things you didn’t know about the world. I participated in the Summer Maymester in Namibia, a country in southern Africa. Namibia is home to unique wildlife and some of the most stunning landscapes, including the almighty Namib Desert. The trip was a biology lab in which we studied species conservation and desert ecology, camping in wildlife national parks while seeing the beautiful animals of Africa. Throughout the journey we came within a few meters of a wild herd of lions, witnessed the endangered African cheetah chase a target at full speed, and slept under a canopy of stars in the desert. We also met members of the Himba tribe, who showed us how the country’s availability of water, agriculture, and animals were all necessities in a desert environment.

If you are interested in environmental issues, or want to learn more about eco-tourism, or if you simply want to see the animals of Africa, this is the one and only program for you.

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