Emily Sullivan


Where I Went: Poitiers, France
When I Went: 2011-2012 Academic Year
Program: Direct Exchange with Rhodes

Hi, my name is Emily Sullivan and I’m a senior French major at Rhodes. I spent my junior year studying abroad in Poitiers, France as a direct exchange student. During my stay in France, I took numerous courses alongside French students in the departments of French Literature and History. The experience afforded me the opportunity to improve my French skills and meet multiple individuals from around the world. Poitiers is a charming medieval town, and the experience of living in a 16th century house was unreal. During my stay, I lived with three other students-one American, one German and one French, in a house with our 83-year old landlord. It worked out wonderfully, as I was granted the opportunity to experience independent living while having the opportunity to converse in French with my landlord and flat-mates.

I would highly recommend studying on direct exchange, particularly because it forces you out of your comfort zone while fostering a sense of responsibility. During my year abroad, I was able to travel economically to a number of places-Athens, Rome, Berlin, Poznan, Rome, Florence, Barcelona, London, Lisbon, Israel/Palestine, as well as a number of towns in France. During my independent travels, I used an excellent website called ‘Couchsurfing’ for my accommodation, and stayed in hostels as well. Of course, one of the major concerns of studying abroad is financing the opportunity. As a student in need of financial assistance, I was able to finance my travels reasonably and save money along the way. If you have any questions regarding studying on exchange or even on creating a travel itinerary while abroad, please feel free to contact me! I’d love to share my experience with you! 

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