Sarah Bitler


Where I Went: Paris, France
When I Went: Spring 2012
Program: AIFS-University of Paris IV

Hi my name is Sarah Bitler and I am a junior Anthropology/Sociology major! Last spring semester I studied abroad in Paris. My two roommates and I lived in an apartment only five-minutes′-walk from the Arc de Triomphe. Each week we would have a home cooked French meal with our host mother or “Grandmere”, as we liked to call her. It was the perfect way to practice our French in a non-classroom setting. Living in Paris was amazing! There was always something to do, from exploring the museums and monuments to relaxing in one of Paris’ many parks.  

Through my program, I was enrolled in French classes from the Sorbonne University in France. Students from all around the world were in my class with me, Japanese, Danish, Finnish, and Swedish, just to name a few. My program also offered lecture classes in either French or English, based on our levels of French. I was able to uses these lecture classes to fulfill F credits and major credits.

I was given the opportunity to travel all through Europe with the program as well as trips I planned on my own. We traveled to London and Normandy as well as having a two-week stay in Cannes. On my own I traveled to Brussels, Madrid, Barcelona, Venice, and even Malta.

My overall experience abroad was amazing. I would not change anything about it! I learned so much about living in a different culture and submersing myself in the Parisian lifestyle. Everyone should go abroad to have the opportunity to make memories and friendships that will last a lifetime.

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