Maria Raffanti


Where I Went: Murcia, Spain
When I Went: Spring 2012
Program: Student Exchange, University of Murcia

¡Hola amigos, soy María!

Last semester I spent six months as an exchange student in Murcia, Spain where I had some of the best experiences of my life.  

As an exchange student at the University of Murcia, I was able to take classes with native Murcians studying courses with an emphasis on Spanish literature. I lived in an apartment in the city center and absolutely loved the independence and freedom it allowed me. Murcia is the capital of its region, but the city is largely unexplored by tourists: unlike other larger cities where English is widely spoken, Murcia provided the perfect opportunity for me to practice my Spanish and meet the locals. Before I went to Spain, I knew I wanted to immerse myself in the culture and language of a unique city, and Murcia did not disappoint me. Adjusting to a new lifestyle and overcoming language barriers were definitely challenging in the beginning, but I learned that these challenges made me a more confident individual in the long term.

Throughout my semester abroad, I was able to travel to other parts of Spain as well as surrounding countries, but I was always eager to return to Murcia which had slowly become my home. In addition to taking classes at the university, I was also able to work at a nearby café to provide English lessons to local Murcians. As a senior Political Science and Spanish double major, I can’t emphasize enough how much study abroad has meant to me, and I would love to share my experience and advice to anyone who is looking for a challenge, has an open mind, and is ready for new experiences. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate - ¡Pregúntame por favor!     

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