Matthew Cannavo


Where I Went: Santiago, Chile
When I Went: Summer 2012
Program: St. Jude Summer Plus International

Hi! My name is Matt Cannavo and I’m a sophomore neuroscience major. I spent 10 weeks this summer researching and studying in Santiago, Chile through the St. Jude Summer Plus International Program. While there, I worked in a molecular biology lab at a pediatric hospital in the mornings and took medical Spanish classes in the afternoons. When not working in the lab at the hospital, I had the opportunity to shadow a group of pediatricians on their morning rounds, as well as assist a clinical pharmacologist by checking drug interactions. Working in a public hospital in another country was such a valuable experience! Seeing the different side of healthcare first-hand and discussing it in class and with my Chilean family gave me a different perspective on international healthcare. After finishing up at the hospital each day, I walked to my language school for a couple hours of private classes, where we learned medical vocabulary and discussed health issues in Chile and the world.
One of the best experiences in the program was living with a Chilean family. In addition to the cultural and language immersion, they adopted me as one of their own, and it was great being able to go “home” each day. On the weekends, I traveled all over Chile. Santiago is located right in the middle of the country, so I was easily able to take weekend trips all over- from coastal towns, to the valleys, to one of the driest deserts on earth! After finishing the program, I took advantage of being in South America and traveled to the extreme north of Chile and then over to Argentina.

Studying abroad was an experience I’ll cherish forever, and I highly recommend it to everyone!

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