Alix Matthews


Where I Went: Namibia
When I Went: Summer 2012
Program: Rhodes Maymester: Environmental Field Studies in Namibia

Hello curious-about-studying-abroad students! My name is Alix and I am an Environmental Sciences major with a plan to minor in Economics. I spent my time abroad in Namibia, a country in southern Africa. The semester prior to departure, I learned about environmental issues in southern Africa, with a focus on Namibia. As a class, we traveled in a country that I would consider one of the world’s most hidden gems.

We camped in a different city almost every 2 to 3 days. During our travels, we climbed one of the biggest and oldest dunes in the world (Big Daddy), observed countless animals in their natural habitats (elephants, lions, zebras, rhinos, birds, etc.), interacted with the Himbas (an indigenous tribe), and experienced some of the most surreal landscapes and geology on earth. Throughout all of this, we related it back to the environmental challenges we had learned in our prerequisite class. I am now able to apply what I learned and experienced to my everyday life here in Memphis and my future after graduation.

I highly, highly recommend people to study abroad and would be happy to answer any questions that you might have!

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