Dorothy Svgdik


Where I Went: Scotland, England, France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium
When I Went: Fall 2011
Program: European Studies, Western Track
Hey, potential study abroad students! My name is Dorothy Svgdik, and I am a junior History major. It’s needless to say that between being born and raised in Memphis and attending college here, I don’t get out of the city much. That was until I studied abroad, anyway! In the fall of 2011, I was fortunate enough to participate in European Studies on the Western track, taking me on a tour of Western Europe. The program first brought me to Sewanee: The University of the South, where I got to familiarize myself with the material I would cover while abroad and the people with whom I would be learning and traveling. After a few days to repack and say our goodbyes, we flew off to Edinburgh and then onto England. In England, we stationed ourselves in Durham for a week and then Oxford for six more weeks. It was during this time that we started our courses on European history, literature, and the history of European art. While some took the “midterm break” to travel to Ireland, some of my friends and I went to York in England, to get a well-rounded feel for the country. I loved being stationary in Oxford and getting to know the city!

From Oxford, we began our trek across Western Europe, including France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium. We traveled throughout these countries examining art and architecture. I went to places and experienced things that I never, in my life, thought I would do! Some of my favorite memories are wandering around Paris (a la Woody Allen!), seeing the layers of history in the breathtaking Romanesque and Gothic cathedrals of France and Italy, and learning to appreciate museums and art in a new and profound way. I was able to apply what I learned at Sewanee over the summer and at Oxford to real life places and objects. The only thing that makes this type of learning better is when you get to do it with the Rhodes College community!

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