Sarah Delph


Where I Went: Aix-en-Provence, France
When I Went: Fall 2011
Program: Institute for American Universities, Aix-en-Provence

Hi, my name is Sarah Delph and I am a Political Economy major. I studied abroad in the south of France, in the city of Aix-en-Provence.  Aix was a great location for me because it was large enough to constantly explore, but small enough to recognize local people and places. I was part of a program with 100 other American students that offered a variety of courses, excursions and internship opportunities in area. One of the reasons why I loved my program so much was because every student was matched up with a host family; my family was absolutely amazing and taught me so much about the French culture, history and lifestyle. The academic environment was similarly great. My program offered courses in English and French, which allowed me to take both language and major course requirements. We often took field trips out into the town to speak with locals, learn about the history of the city, and practice our French. Furthermore, our program encouraged us to do extra-curricular activities; many students tutored, participated in the local youth group, got an internship or joined the local gym. It was great to have so many venues to practice the language and understand more about the people of Aix.

Throughout the semester, I was also able to travel to several other cities. Some of these included Barcelona, Munich, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Nice, and Stockholm. It was amazing to experience so many different places and learn more about myself along each stop. I became much more independent and open to asking people questions. I thoroughly enjoyed my time abroad and highly encourage it to other students.

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