Lauren Lee


Where I Went: Scotland, England, Ireland, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Italy
When I Went: Fall 2010
Program: European Studies, Eastern Track

My name is Lauren Lee, and I am a History major and English minor. I had the fortunate opportunity to spend my junior year, fall semester, abroad on the eastern track of the European Studies program. I spent six weeks studying Greek and Roman history, literature, and philosophy at Lincoln College at Oxford University. I spent my free time exploring the wonderful city of Oxford, finding the best cafes to people-watch, and on the weekends, traveling to places like Ireland and Belgium. I then spent the next five weeks traveling to Greece, Turkey, and Italy. During my time abroad, I met many new people, gained personal insight and exposure to multiple cultures, and created lifelong memories. Studying abroad is such a rewarding experience, and I cannot wait to go back again. I truly had the experience of a lifetime!

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