Huiru Chen


Where I Went: U.K., Greece, Turkey, Italy
When I Went: Fall 2010
Program: European Studies, Eastern Track

It was my first trip to Europe. As a Chinese student, I didn’t know a lot about European history and culture before. I read the materials about history and literature in the University of South and Oxford University as required before we set off our journey in Europe. The readings were practically useful when we visited the sites. The intensive reading process prepared us well for what we were going to see, and it felt so good to understand what I was seeing and be able to talk about it even as a “foreigner!” The journey itself was intense and exciting. It was a great experience because every site we visited was chosen carefully so that every moment was historical. We kept running into places whose history was greatly influenced by the events taking place there. We were required to write academic journals to record what we learned and saw every day, and we were allowed to draw on it and make it as beautiful as we perceived. It was like a personal reminiscing album, and it definitely helped us to understand what we learned. People on the program were the most adorable and nice people I’ve ever met in my life, and I made great friends with those from the cooperating institutes.

The more I saw in Europe, the more I felt unwilling to come back because there were always more good things to run into... but time is so short. I’ll definitely go back to Europe again!

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