Andrew Grissom


Where I Went: Scotland, England, Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium

When I Went: Fall 2010

Program: European Studies, Western Track

My name is Andrew and I am a Religious Studies major with a minor in Archaeology. I spent the Fall 2010 semester on the Western track of European Studies, a Rhodes program offered each fall. The semester started off in July with three weeks of study at Sewanee: The University of the South, followed by a departure to Scotland, where our group spent a weekend in the charming city of Edinburgh. We then traveled down to England, spent a week at Durham University and six weeks at Oxford University. During the session at Oxford, I traveled independently over a three-day weekend to the city of Amsterdam. Following our stay at Oxford, my track participated on a five-week travel study through France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium, arriving back in London for the final three days of our program. The Western track of European Studies explores the art, history, and religion of Western Europe during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, so we visited such sites as the Sistine Chapel and St. Peter′s Basilica in Rome, the Louvre Museum in Paris, the National Gallery in London, and many others. The program allowed me to experience art and architecture that I had previously only seen and studied in textbooks. I am fascinated by history and material culture, so viewing these incredible buildings and works of art firsthand brought a new level of understanding to my academic interests. Also, through European Studies I lived and traveled in cultures that I had dreamed about visiting for years. Studying abroad undoubtedly enhanced my Rhodes experience, changing the way I view Western history and culture, as well as instilling a more profound understanding of myself along the way.


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