Kristin Knopf


Where I Went: Copenhagen, Denmark

When I Went: Fall 2010 (Sophomore Year)

Program: Danish Institute for Study Abroad-Rhodes Approved Program

My name is Kristin Knopf, and I am a Psychology major and Business minor.  While abroad, I lived in a kollegium, a mix between an apartment and dormitory, available only for students.  There were approximately 1,000 other residents in my kollegium, only forty of which were other Americans on my program.  Living in such an environment gave me the opportunity to be truly immersed in Danish culture and interact with Danish students on a day-to-day basis.

The set-up of DIS classes was one of the best things about my overall experience.  Students must be enrolled in one of fourteen core classes, and travel twice throughout the semester: a three-day trip to Western Denmark, and a five-day trip to another country to study contextually relevant topics.  I was enrolled in the positive psychology core class, and therefore traveled to Scotland during this tour.  Throughout the semester, field studies were scheduled for on Wednesdays, which allowed us to visit organizations where we could learn practical and interesting information related to our field. 

Perhaps the very best part of traveling abroad, for me, was the amount of traveling I was able to do.  By traveling during the study tours, a two-week travel break, and many weekends, I was able to visit fourteen countries in total.  I loved having two weeks off near the end of the semester to travel around Europe with the friends I had made throughout the semester.

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