Ariel Anthony


Where I Went: England, Scotland, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, and Portugal

When I Went: Fall 2010

Program: European Studies, Western Track

Hello, my name is Ariel Anthony and I am an Economics and Business major.  I went on European Studies and saw most of Europe and made new friends at the same time.  It is a joint program with The University of the South.  During the program, I traveled to five different countries and saw over 20 cities.  This does not count for the time that I was allowed to do independent travel.  I traveled to Portugal on one of my free weekends. I also studied at Oxford University with some of the world’s best professors. I got to learn about medieval and Renaissance art and history while getting to see the sights and artworks which really made the course come to life.  Being an Economics and Business major, I never thought about art, but after studying it and seeing it firsthand I have learned to appreciate it.  Going abroad really opened my eyes to a world that was outside of what I was accustomed to.  It was refreshing to experience other cultures.  I made bonds with people that I would otherwise have never crossed paths with them.  I learned about the world and myself.  Studying abroad for me was equivalent to taking off blinders I have worn my entire life, opening my eyes up to an entire new world.  My experience is one that I will never forget and that will benefit for years to come.  I STRONGLY encourage EVERYONE to study abroad!

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