Carolina Sánchez-Hervás


Hi! My name is Carolina Sánchez-Hervás. I am a Senior, International Studies major and I studied abroad in Rome, Italy.  I lived with a single, elderly woman that was a fantastic host mom! I never imagined I would develop such a close relationship with her, but by the end of my time there she felt like a second grandmother to me!  She was a wonderful cook and I really enjoyed eating meals together. I lived about fifteen minutes walking from the Vatican, so the walk to school was always awe-inspiring.  Anywhere I went in Rome, I was constantly blown away by the ancient ruins, monuments, and beautiful scenery that covered the city.  
I had the opportunity to intern with Slow Food Rome and this was definitely one of the best parts of my experience. Slow Food is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting “good, clean, fair” food. Slow Food is quite literally the opposite of fast food. I had the chance to go to great restaurants in Rome and meet some of Italy’s best chefs.  I even got to meet Carlo Petrini, the founder!
I made so many great relationships with my professors, coworkers, and fellow Italian students.  I know I will always have them in my life and they gave me the chance to learn about their culture and really immerse myself.  I feel a tremendous nostalgia for Rome and all of my friends there. I truly lived the Italian culture for a semester in all of its aspects and learned so much more about the politics, food, social norms, everything.  It is so different than being a tourist; I really made an effort to become part of the culture during my time there. As a suggestion, skip the fast food and get to know the local food culture! Don′t be afraid to try new things, you will learn so much about the host culture and yourself.

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