Rocky Mountain Ecology Field Research


(Updated 10/7/2013)

Program Name:

Rhodes Rocky Mountain Ecology Field Research (Four-Credit Course)

Course Credit:

ENVS 170 (four-credit course); F7, F11

Location and Dates:

Where: Jackson, Wyoming (USA), including Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park.

Dates: June 1-26, 2014.

Eligibility Requirements:

Minimum GPA of 2.5 and be in good academic and social standing

Program Description:

Students participate in the 14 day Rocky Mountain Ecology (ENVS 160) course and then continue at the Teton Science Schools. The remaining time will be spent participating in a long-term field research project, and developing a student-generated field research project. Students will learn the scientific method, basic field data collection techniques, statistical analysis, and research techniques within the setting of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE). This field course is focused on community ecology of the GYE. Ecology Topics include: regional geology, influence of topography and climate on vegetation, community interaction of plants and animals, predation and competition, community dynamics, succession, and disturbance.


Students will spend a majority of their time on the Kelly Campus in a rustic log cabin setting. Students will also visit Yellowstone National Park and camp in tents. Quality tents will be provided as well as campground reservations. Expect to ‘rough it’ a little – hard, uneven surfaces, insects, wildlife, inclement weather. There are bathroom facilities at Yellowstone camping areas. Accepted students are expected to carefully review the equipment list, bring all of the required items as weather in Jackson Hole is unpredictable. Laundry facilities are not available on campus but can be accessed in the town of Jackson.


Home-cooked meals are prepared by professional kitchen staff at Kelly Campus and are served family style. All staff and participants are expected to assist with daily chores. These daily tasks typically involve meal clean-up and tidying classroom/living space. When camping in Yellowstone, meals will be prepared over campstoves. These will be simple and nutritious in design. Students will participate in the preparation of these meals.

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Professor Sarah Boyle