Booking Flights

Unless otherwise specifically stated, students are responsible for making their own travel arrangements to and from their program site. Be sure to ask about low-cost student rates when talking with travel agents. Thorough research is the key to getting the best bargains, and the Internet is another good source of information.

It is often best to try student travel agencies, as they often are most familiar with student rates. Try

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Since the cost of a study abroad program is not inconsequential, it is also suggested that students purchase trip cancellation insurance. Trip cancellation insurance is designed for reimbursement of financial losses incurred when it is necessary to cancel a trip prior to departure or when it is necessary to interrupt a trip. Trip cancellation insurance is not designed for reimbursement if there is no need to cancel or interrupt a trip (if someone simply changes his/her mind about traveling). Trip cancellation insurance is effective in the case of sudden illness or injury. Most policies also provide coverage due to a wide variety of unforeseen events. Some reputable companies that offer this type of insurance are: AccessAmerica, HTH Worldwide, and Travel Insured.


Consider arrival instructions carefully to ensure that students have a smooth arrival and do not miss the beginning of the program. Please note that the arrival at a program usually involves getting settled into housing or meeting other students, as well as student orientation.

It is very important for all students to make every effort to arrive on the date and time indicated by the program. If a student arrives before the arrival date, he or she will be completely responsible for his or her own arrival transportation, lodging, and any other expenses incurred during that time. Arriving later than the arrival date will most likely result in the student missing part of the orientation. Moreover, the tight scheduling of activities during this time does not usually allow for make-up sessions.