Sarah Rogers


Where I Went: Rome, Italy

When I Went: Fall 2009

Program: John Cabot University, Academic Programs International

How Long: Full Semester

Program Name: My name is Sarah Rogers and I am a Greek & Roman Studies and Economics major. I spent the fall semester of my junior year attending John Cabot University in Rome, Italy. There, I was able to immerse myself in an absolutely wonderful city which fits perfectly with my passion for Greek and Roman Studies. I was also able to take an International Economics class from an Italian economist and with students from all over the world.

The most incredible thing about study abroad to me is the fact that Rome became my home for four months. I had a favorite place to get pizza and suppli and another favorite place to get gelato. I began to recognize people who rode the tram with me. Rome is truly a city alive; it is not just a thing of the past to be studied. Anyone going abroad should take advantage of as many opportunities offered to them as possible in order to become more immersed in the culture around them. Study abroad is truly a unique experience, completely different from visiting a city for a couple of days. And it is totally worth it.

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