Sarah Akin


Where I Went: Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium

When I Went: Fall 2009

Program: European Studies - Western Track

How Long: Full Semester

My name is Sarah Akin, and I am an art history major.  I went abroad on the European Studies to five different countries and over twenty cities - all in three months.  This joint program with Sewanee provides students with the unique opportunity to study at Oxford University in England for six weeks and then travel on the European continent for five weeks.  The five weeks of traveling the continent are spent going to big cities, quaint towns, famous museums, monuments, and churches to study Medieval and Renaissance Art. Learning about art when you are standing right in front of it is such an amazing experience. Pictures just do not compare to the real thing. Not only did I travel in countries such as France, Italy, Germany, and Belgium, but also I was also able to travel independently to places like Dublin, London, and small towns in England. European Studies was a wonderful program because it allowed me to study and travel with familiar peers and yet explore entirely new places. Overall, going abroad was an unforgettable experience; teaching me about the world around me and helping me gain a deeper understanding of myself.

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