Rami Abdoch


Where I Went: Cairo Egypt Spring ′10 &Amman, Jordan Summer ′10

When I Went: Spring ′10 & Summer ′10

My name is Rami Abdoch. I am an Anthropology/Sociology major and Philosophy minor. I traveled to Cairo, Egypt on a Buckman scholarship in the spring of 2010 and continued my Arabic language and cultural studies in Amman, Jordan in the summer of that year. I stayed on campus at the American University of Cairo and in an apartment in Amman, respectively.

It was a tremendously eye-opening experience for me on both academic and personal levels. It allowed me to apply my knowledge of social theory in drastically different socio-cultural contexts. Also, it helped me to mature: through navigating these contexts, not having my expectations met in all cases, and being exposed to new experiences all the time helped to develop my character.

Study abroad is something that has enriched my experience at Rhodes. It is a great opportunity to meet people, have fun, and put in to practice what you learn in the classroom. In Cairo, I made several trips to the desert, the Pyramids, the Bahreyah oasis, and other exotic locales. In Amman, I was able to visit Petra - the site where Indiana Jones was filmed - the Dead Sea, and many other unforgettable places. Study abroad, ultimately, is what you make of it. I encourage all those interested to find a program that is best for you and make the experience your own.

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