Ming Luan


Where I Went: Switzerland, Belgium, & Japan

When I Went: ′09/′10 Academic Year, Maymester, & Summer ′10

My name is Ming Luan, a Business and German double major and Math minor. I studied abroad in Fribourg, Switzerland during my sophomore year and it was the best experience ever. Université de Fribourg is the only bilingual university in Europe and it attracts students from all over the world. I took classes in both German and French, and it was a great opportunity to improve my skills. Outside the classroom, I also enjoyed Swiss cheese, chocolate and the beautiful Alps. I had a great time skiing, hiking and traveling with friends.

I also participated in Rhodes Maymester in Belgium 2009 and the World Campus International Japan in summer 2010. The field trips to the Belgian brewery, chocolate factory, and FedEx in Paris gave me invaluable insight of international marketing. My adventure in Japan, living with a Japanese host family gave me the first-hand experience of a Japanese lifestyle.

I strongly encourage everyone to take the risk to study abroad at least once. It will be the best part of your life. From my experience I learned to communicate with people from different places, and I was able to adjust myself to a new environment quickly. I also know how to fully immerse myself to a new community, and I enjoy being a part of it. I am currently searching for an internship in Switzerland for next summer. I simply miss it too much and really want to go back!

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