Megan Cleary


Where I Went: Belgium  & Barcelona, Spain

When I Went: Summer ′09 & Fall ′09

Program: Maymester & IES Semester Program

Hola! My name is Megan Cleary and I went abroad during the fall of my junior year, August to December 2009. As a business major, I knew it was vital to have some global experience and after a month abroad on the Belgium Maymester program, I caught the traveling bug. There were a number of places I considered for my experience, but I decided that in order to feel fully immersed in a foreign culture I wanted to go somewhere that English was not the native tongue. I chose Barcelona, Spain, set in one of the most artistic, unique cities along the beautiful Mediterranean Sea with a unique culture different from anywhere else in Spain. The program I went with, IES, was a larger program with a wide variety of schools and educational backgrounds all looking to learn about Spanish culture, food, tradition, language and diverse cities. During the four months I spent in Barcelona, my small host family apartment, across the street from the Barca Stadium, became my home and my Barcelona friends quickly turned into my best friends.
Going abroad was, as everyone often says, the experience of a lifetime. Looking back sometimes I feel like it didn′t actually happen, how could it be that I skied the opening day at the Alps, saw a bull fight in Madrid, went cliff jumping in Capri, Italy, and cheered the Barcelona soccer team to a win over Real Madrid. I′ll never forget the most incredible semester of my life in Spain, and the friends I made abroad will be there for the rest of my life. I encourage everyone and anyone to go abroad, take the opportunity of a lifetime to immerse yourself in a different culture and explore the world. 

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