Kristen Jones


Where I Went France, Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Belgium

When I Went: Summer ′08 & Fall ′09

Program: Maymester & European Studies

How Long: Maymester & Full Semester
Hey! I am Kristen Jones, a senior history major.  During my time at Rhodes, I have been able to go on two amazing programs, the Paris Maymester and European Studies- western track. During my time in Paris, I had the chance to live with a French woman and gained a greater sense of Parisian life while improving my French language skills. Paris is a vibrant city divided by the beautiful river Seine, with exciting areas such as my favorites, the Latin Quarter and Montmartre. My exposure to European culture and traditions continued during my semester in Oxford, England and Western Europe through the European Studies Program. During the semester, I had the opportunity to study the great art, history, and literature of this rich area of the world. This program allowed me to revisit France and to explore other countries such as England, Scotland, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Germany, and Ireland! While either studying the Michelangelo’s ceiling of the Sistine Chapel during a private tour of the Vatican in Rome or bike riding through the French countryside, I enjoyed every experience of my time abroad and encourage other Rhodes students to take advantage of any study abroad opportunity!

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