Kathryn Vernon


Where I Went: Salamanca Spain

When I Went: Fall ‘09

How Long: Full Semester

My name is Kathryn Vernon, and I studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain and had the time of my life!  Overall, there are three things that I would consider to be the best aspects of my experience.  First, I was able to assist in teaching English classes in a Spanish elementary school, and I learned so much about myself, the kids, the education system in Spain, and the culture overall.  Second, I lived with a host family for the 3.5 months and directly experienced some very trivial cultural differences that I may never have been exposed to in an apartment or dorm setting.  Plus, Spanish cooking is delicious and Spanish women will always treat you like another daughter!  Lastly, the traveling that I did across Spain and extending into Europe was so eye-opening and liberating; who knows when I′ll have another chance to really travel as freely as I did during my semester abroad (and with friends who really feel more like family).  Looking back, I am so glad that I ignored the butterflies in my stomach and jumped into my semester abroad.  Although at the time it was one of the scariest things I′ve done, in the end I learned so much about the Spanish culture as well as about myself and how I want my future to unfold, and that, to me, is priceless.

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