Hannah Shuman


Where I Went:  Granada, Spain  & Guayaquil, Ecuador

When I Went: Spring ’10 & Summer ‘10

Programs: IES Program & World Endeavors Program

How Long: Semester & 4 weeks

Hi my name is Hannah and I studied abroad in Granada, Spain for a semester, and also did a volunteer program for 4 weeks during the summer in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  Both experiences were great, but very different. 

I studied in Spain through IES, which is a program I recommend, because of its experience and organization as well as its compatibility with the Rhodes curriculum.  I took 5 classes while I was abroad - all in Spanish.  Because of the concentrated subject matter of my classes, I was really able to become immersed in the culture and understand the deep history of where I was spending my semester.  I stayed with a host family, and I was able to travel all around Spain, as well as parts of Morocco, Portugal, and France.  I traveled a lot with friends, but also took advantage of the scheduled trips that IES hosted.  Granada is such an interesting city, so full of culture and different from any other city in Europe that I have been to, so I really tried not to spend every weekend away traveling! 

The volunteer program I did was through World Endeavors. I chose the one month program, because I knew I wanted the experience, but had never done anything like this before.  I stayed with a host family, which was an amazing experience and it taught me so much about the differences in cultures.  I volunteered everyday for four hours, and had an informal Spanish class twice a week.  I travelled around the country every weekend while I was in Ecuador, which was very cheap and easy.

Both of my abroad experiences were very memorable.  I think the main thing I have learned through my experiences is how to accept and adapt to cultures so different than my own. 

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