Anne Harper


Where I went: Scotland, England, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium

When I went: Fall ′09 (as a Junior)

Program: European Studies - Western Track

How Long: Semester

I am Anne Harper, and I was a student on the Western Track of European studies, taking classes in Religious Studies, History, Art, and Literature, all focusing on the Medieval and Renaissance eras.

We spent a couple of days recovering from jet lag in Edinburgh, Scotland, and then spent a week in northern England at the University of Durham. We went on to spend six weeks studying at Oxford, during which time we were also free to travel on the weekends. I stayed within England during the entire six weeks, traveling to personally interesting cities like Chawton to see Jane Austen’s cottage. It was a great experience for me to travel independently and establish more confidence in myself as an explorer.  After our stay at Oxford we took a five week tour of the major cities of Western Europe including: Paris, Rome, Florence, Venice, Bamberg, and Bruges. Having little experience outside of American culture, I was able to really see and experience the deep rooted histories, cultures, and arts of Europe.

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