Hunter Ross


Major: International Studies and History
Minor: Mandarin
Studied Abroad: Shanghai, China

I have been drawn to study abroad China twice during my college career at Rhodes.  First I spent a semester in Shanghai during the spring of my sophomore year at Fudan University.  Though unsure of what my major would be, I had already decided to pursue a minor in Mandarin, which was sparked by beginning to study Chinese my first semester at Rhodes.  At Fudan I was able to study political science through the Alliance for Global Education program.  Upon returning to Rhodes as a junior, I became a declared History and International Studies bridge major with a focus on Asia.

During junior year I took several courses under Professor Brown about the history of Asia, particularly modern China.  With a more academic understanding of China’s beginnings and transformations, I decided to return to Shanghai during the summer between junior and senior year to study intensive language and history through CET Academic’s program at Donghua University as well as intern for an expanding Chinese business.  Though a shorter trip, that experience in Shanghai had completely evolved from the first time as I was able to dig deeper into understanding China, experience which I feel will remain relevant to the decisions I will be making after my college career ends.